7 Best Things to Do in The West coast of New Zealand

The West Coast of New Zealand has a lot to offer to tourists. It’s a stunning region, and you will have an amazing time there. There are many places to explore, and some of the regions are still untouched.

If you are an adventure seeker, then you will want something more than just sightseeing. Here you will find out about the things you can do on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Hike Isthmus Peak

You can hike to the famous Isthmus Peak. You will get wonderful views from the top. The trail is a 16-kilometres up and way back. It is known to be one of the best hiking trails in New Zealand. If you are used to hiking, you will enjoy this journey.

The elevation is not much, so you will feel comfortable going up and coming down as well. Just make sure that you wear the most comfortable shoe when you go hiking.

Explore the Blue Pools

The Blue Pools is a beautiful place. The glaciers in the Southern Alps meld and send cold water down the mountains. The water flows into the Makarora River and creates the perfect pool for swimming.

You can capture lovely photos near the beautiful blue water. There are two beautiful suspension bridges there, and you will love the view. If you are brave enough, you can dive from these bridges into the cold water.

Brewster Hut

If you want to go overnight hiking, then you should visit Brewster hut. It takes about 3 hours either way, and you can climb up to 1000 meters. The hiking trail may be difficult for some people. So, if you don’t have prior hiking experience, you will find it difficult to hike. The view you will get from here is awesome.

You will be looking at the stunning Southern Alps and the West Coast. You need to cross the Haast River to get up to the Brewster hut, and this journey will also be exciting. You can stay at the hut for an affordable price. The hut consists of a kitchen and 12 bunks.

Thunder Creek Falls

It is a 28-meter high waterfall that looks amazing. It takes only about 5 minutes to reach. There are stairs to take you down to the Haast River. You can easily lose track of time here because it’s so beautiful.

There are guides who can take you to these places. It is safe to visit these places as they are very well maintained. You will have a wonderful time visiting the places.