3 Best Beach Hotels in New Zealand

When tourists visit The West coast of New Zealand, they go to the beaches. They take sunbathe, walk on the beach, go parasailing, and do other fun activities.

If you love the beach and want to spend most of your holiday near the beach, then it’s better to book accommodation near the beach. There are lots of beach hotels on The West Coast of New Zealand, and here you will know about it.

Hotel Franz Josef Glacier

The hotel is set in scenic views of rainforests that rise to the high peaks. You will hardly see such beauty out of your hotel room window. You can explore the West Coast from here easily. The beds are very comfortable, and you won’t feel like waking up; you can spend hours just looking out through your windows and enjoying the great views.

The hotel is located in a quiet location where you won’t hear the noise of cars or other vehicles. Yet, there are cafes, bars, restaurants, and other things that you might enjoy. Christchurch is a few hours’ drives from here. You can easily go for rainforest or river walks from here. The Franz Josef Glacier visitor centre is also nearby.

Punakaiki Resort

This hotel is also set amidst the Great Coast Road, which is near the beachfront. You will see lots of surfers surfing on the water. There are rocks, and if you just go outside the resort, you will find the wild West Coast beach with rolling waves and a lagoon.

The Paparoa National Park visitor centre is nearby. You can go for walks or cycling nearby. If you enjoy driving, then you can go for the coastal drives.

Beachfront Hotel

In this hotel, the rooms are spacious and well designed. You will get wonderful views from the windows. There is a restaurant and a bar. It is located on the shores of the Tasman Sea.

There are artisan shops and galleries just beside the hotel. The hotel can arrange for a scenic helicopter flight. You can visit the West Coast Wildlife Centre in Franz Josef.

These hotels are great for travellers who are looking for activities too. You won’t have to travel far to see the local attractions if you choose to stay in one of these hotels.